Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Wow, it has been a long time since I last wrote. I thought now that I was working from home I would have more time on my hands to keep up with my blog. Apparently I was wrong.
So, let's see... last time I wrote my neighbors and I were in a bit of a tif if you will. All is well now, I just stopped caring, if Hinckley goes out and barks I give him 2 minutes to get it out of his system, if that is a problem for me neighbors then TOUGH.
Lola is doing good, she took her first independent steps on Sunday August 7th. That was pretty exciting, Donn and I were both there, and my parents and grandparents. She hasn't done it since though. I am sure any day now she will be running around the house. Lola loves to be outside (but she doesn't like to be on the ground outside) either being held or in her stroller. She LOVES to watch Dora the explorer and dances during the theme song. She loves her feet rubbed and will sucker anyone into rubbing them for her. She is 16 months old and 22lbs and 32inches tall. She still doesn't sleep very well. Some nights are better then others. She has got a ton of teeth and uses them well, she usually Loves to eat. Unlike her Mother she eats pretty much anything you put in front of her. Sadly she doesn't have very good roll models so she copies the dog. She tries to put her face to her tray and lick her food up like a dog. Or if she drops something like her binky instead of picking it up and putting it in her mouth, she bends down and grabs it with her teeth. Oh my. Her favorite word is "nonono" or "daddaa" or "uh oh". Even though she doesn't say Mama I am by far her favortie person. Which is good and bad, if I leave the room she screams bloody murder, and if I am around she will pretty much ignore anyone else. If I am not around she is cute as pie (or so I have been told). My mother will actually kick me out of the room and make me be quiet. So that once Lola stops the screaming Grandma can play with her. I love her so much but it does get exhausting to listen to her scream when I leave the room, or to have to always be holding her.

I love being home with her and Donn during the day and spending time together as a family. We got to take Lola to the zoo, which was an interesting experience, but fun.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bark Off


I would like to take a moment and have you all think about something for me. Why do people buy a dog?
Most of you would probably say companionship and protection. Yes? Now my next question why buy a dog and not allow it to bark when it senses danger or fear? To me that is like telling a child ''now honey, if you feel afraid or if someone is trying to harm you or someone else just stand there and don't make a peep. We don't want our neighbors to be bothered or feel you are a nuisance."
We would never say that, we teach them to scream at the very top of there lungs. So when neighbor hood kids are yelling and throwing things at a dog it is unreasonable to expect him to not bark. Equally it is unreasonable to punish the dog for barking at the kids teasing him. Or a grown man yelling over the fence "shut up dog, stupid dog be quiet" (yes that will work, strange man waiving his hands and pointing as he screams)
I will be the first to admit, my dear Hinckley can be a bit annoying and yes he barks, and yes he barks at his shadow or a leaf blowing in the wind. I understand that barking is not a peaceful relaxing sound. But does it really interfere with your (my neighbors) quality of life?
When moving into my home, I met my neighbors and they were so welcoming and friendly. I apologized for the unsightly yard and a I forewarned them about my dog. I told them I am a horrible landscaper and I hate yard work, and it will never look great. But I would do my best to keep it from being and embarrassment. I told them my dog was a barker, but we had him in training classes and we were working with him. At this time everyone was so understanding. "Don't worry about the yard, it will come with time. And dogs bark we know that. As long as he is not out there for hours on end barking or late at night barking waking us or our kids up he is fine."
So about 1 1/2 years later, now my barking dog is a nuisance. Really? He does not make a sound from 9:30pm to 8:30am and if he does Donn or I are on him, we don't want him waking up Lola. Not to mention that if he does bark it's because our neighbors are having a BBQ or hot tubing, or having a camp fire. (which is a nuisance to me). Then during the day he is hardly ever alone, so I really don't understand when he is barking. Any how now we have been issued a "warning" from our HOA board to do something about him. So much for neighborly.
Now here is a list of my complaints....

  • Neighbor with a loud generator that goes off every hour, super obnoxious.

  • Searching for night crawlers and shining a giant spot light in my window, not nice.

  • Hot tubing multiple times a week, I can hear you. ANNOYING

  • Shoveling your back patio at 7am on a Saturday, um no.

  • Mowing your lawn 3 days a week at 630am, Seriously!

  • Teenager riding their skateboards on the sidewalk at 11pm, triggers barking dog

  • Throwing/yelling at my dog, not helping

And lastly,

  • Throwing a barking device into my back yard, can you say ILLEGAL.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 months

Lola Jo is 9 months old, I can not believe how fast time flies by.

She weighs in at 17.7 which is the 25% and measures 29in tall which is the 90%

She loves to eat, and she will pretty much eat anything you give her. She is mastering finger foods and loves to try and feed herself with the spoon.

She still isn't walking or crawling but rolls and wiggles to where ever she wants to go.

She loves to say Dada, she is still in love with Hinckley and loves to pet him and play peek-a-boo with him or anyone who will play with her.

She absolutely hates her nose or mouth wiped, notice above picture.

She does not sleep for more then a few hours at a time.

She loves to be held, and she loves to watch Mickey mouse Club house.

She can wave Hello (sometimes I swear she says "hi" as she waves, she will also wave bye bye.

She loves to clap her hands.
One of her favorite games is to shove her Binky in my mouth and laugh then pull it out of my mouth and laugh.

She thinks that is pretty funny.

She is ticklish, and I love to tickle her. We love to hear her laugh.

She also will shake her head "No" when we ask her things... Should we change your bum? then she shakes her head. Pretty funny.

She dances to music by wiggling her hands and bobbing her head.

We had a good Christmas, Lola didn't sleep well Christmas Eve (to excited maybe) so Christmas day she was super sleepy. We would hand her a present and she would hit it and throw it. Once she figured out how to rip the paper she enjoyed that. However, as soon as she could she the object she was no longer interested in the wrapping and just wanted the object, even clothes she would hold them and hug 'em. She still has presents to unwrap.
Donn and I are so in love with her, we are exhausted most the time, but her sweet smile and laugh make everything better.